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 The Gull Lake Cottagers' Association has been representing the interests of Gull Lake residents since 1922. We encourage anyone on our lake sharing common goals, interests, and ideals to join our association as we continue to serve the lake. 


The Gull Lake community envisions our lake to be a place where the tranquility, beauty of the landscape, and quality of water are balanced against the lake's recreational use. As such, Gull Lake Cottagers' Association is actively involved in the protection and preservation of the lake's natural environment. We work together to safeguard the environment in order to preserve the lake and land for future generations. 

The Cottagers' Association informs members not only on the lake's health, but ongoing issues of the municipality, government actions, official plans, by-laws and building codes. We also organize a range of activities and events to bring the community together, such as a regatta, sailing race, and golf tournament.


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