Gull Lake Regatta

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2018 REGATTA – WILL BE HELD ON Saturday, AUGUST 4, 2018      Rain or Shine!

Let's come together for another day of fun and friendly competition! Our event is open to all skill levels, and we encourage family and friends to participate in an assortment of fun water sports.

The Gull Lake regatta will encompass various individual and team competitions, including categories in swimming, canoeing, relay races, triathlons. The Gull Lake Regatta will be scheduled is as follows, 

  • Registration starts at 10:30am
  • Kids races start at 11:00am
  • Waterfront races start at 12:15pm

Our regatta is proudly run by volunteers, and we welcome anyone looking to get involved. We would like to thank everyone that has attended in previous years and are interested in your feedback. We are always looking for fresh ways to celebrate the over 95 year history of our regatta. Please email us at to share your thoughts or to sign-up as a volunteer.

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