GLCA Board of Directors

Meet the Gull Lake Cottagers' Association Board Members!


Keith Kennedy


Keith became our President in 2016.  He was the Regatta Commodore in 2014 to 2016. 

His love for the lake began as a young boy as he was lucky enough to spend many summers at the family cottage. He has always loved Haliburton and particularly Gull Lake both in the summer and winter, and hopes to enjoy many more years with the newer generations at the cottage.


Nick evans


Nick Evans has served as the Treasurer since the fall of 2013.  

Nick and his wife Sue bought their place on Gull Lake in 2004, and spend much of the summer at the cottage. After several years of the family enjoying the Regatta and benefiting from the activities of the association, he joined the board. 




Judy joined the GLCA Board in 2015, serving as Membership director.

Judy was introduced to Gull Lake in 1984 when her husband Tom purchased property on the lake. They built their cottage in 1992, and have been enjoying winters and summers on Gull Lake ever since. Retirement has enabled Judy and Tom to spend even more time at the cottage.




Jessica became our Secretary in 2016. 

For as long as she remembers, she has been spending her summers on Gull Lake. As a member of the Allison family, she has actively participated in many activities on the lake, including the Regatta and annual Highland yard. Jessica is looking forward to working with the association and representing the interests of all residents of Gull Lake.




Mike took over the role of Lake Steward in 2017.

Mike has been coming to Gull Lake for many years.  The cottage for him is a place to relax, enjoy nature, putter around and eenjoy the company of friends and family.  Mike volunteered for the Lake Plan and assisted our past Lake Steward, Don Drouillard, with water sampling.  It was a natural fit to continue on and help implement the Lake Plan recommendations in the role of Lake Steward.



special EVENTS and merchandise

Brian Pinnock joined the board in 2015 as a Member at Large. 

He took over the role of Special Events in 2016 and added Merchandise in 2017.  A Haliburton area cottager since childhood, Brian and his wife Jill have been on Gull Lake since 1986.

Support Staff


Sue Montgomery

NewsLetter editor

Sue began editing the Spring and Fall newsletters in May 2010, when the board asked if there was someone interested in volunteering. 

Sue explains what she likes most about the cottage is "the excitement and anticipation of getting ready to go, compiling foodie lists, creative packing, special treats, and best of all, watching our dog Max (a golden doodle) doing his happy cottage dance, which even includes twirls! I even look forward to the four hour drive, with a “must stop” at Holtom’s Bakery in Erin, to pick up apple fritters and bread, a family tradition!  The anticipation builds as we arrive at our mainland dock, unload from the car into the boat, and off we boat to the island, of course assuming that the boat starts! After unloading at the island, trekking up the many steps, our cottage awaits us, and all the hard work is forgotten.  Life just doesn’t get any better than this!"



Membership ASSISTANT

Jane has been assisting with the Membership Database since 2011.

Jane has been coming to Gull Lake every summer her entire life. In the early 80’s, Jane and her family expanded and bought the year round cottage next door, so they could come up in any season. Jane enjoys the peace, water, and beauty of Haliburton, not to mention the sociability of those on the road. There’s nothing like floating down the river. 



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