Skilled Muscle With a Smile - Spring and Summer Student Help on Gull Lake

We are David and Jacob Flaherty, 19 year old twins and life long cottagers on Sugar Island.

We are both studying Medicine at University of St. Andrews and love Scotland but do miss Canada. We plan to work on the lake when home for the summer of 2018.

Keep an eye out for our flyer at the AGM.

We have experience assisting other cottagers and our family with building and outdoor cottage work such as painting, dock repairs, wood cutting, splitting, stacking, brush clearing and yard/garden work, boat detailing, opening and closing tasks etc. We have a truck, trailer, barge and tools at our disposal and can happily do the lugging, clean up, dump run, pick up and delivery. We are young and strong, positive and pleasant, honest, reliable and hardworking.

We will be available June 1 to Sept 5, 2018
References from other Gull Lake Cottagers on request

Please keep the Flaherty boys in mind for cottage maintenance or that project you want to get done this year!

David and Jacob Flaherty